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World eSIM

World eSIM is an eSIM range provided by Vision Inc. — the company behind Ninja Wifi. Their eSIM offerings are designed to meet the needs of both short- and medium-length trips to Japan. No matter your needs, they’ll have a plan for you.

As of the time of writing, World eSIM offers 14 different plans for users. These plans vary by length and data allowance, with some having set data caps, and others offering unlimited data. The capped data plans are the most budget-friendly, starting at US$4.50 for 500MB a day for 3 days. Prices go up as plan length and data allowance increases, capping off at the unlimited 15-day plan. That one will set you back US$77.10.

Getting your eSIM is quick and hassle-free. Just sign up, pay, and a QR code will be emailed to you in seconds. Scan and set up, and you’re ready to go. And we really do mean go — World eSIM had some of the fastest speeds we saw in our eSIM tests.

Our tests

(Upload/Download/Latency, in Mbps)

Test 1: CTCSCI Tech Ltd: 95.4/19.9/180
Test 2: 92.9/18.3/153
Test 3: Verizon Tokyo: 98/3.51/127
Test 4: Rakuten Mobile Inc.: 113/19.7/183
Test 5: Web: 96.47/Na/117

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