Yoho Mobile

You have good reason to be excited about this Japan eSIM. Offering a truly unlimited data eSIM, Yoho Mobile a must if you get through data like there’s no tomorrow. Connecting to Docomo’s 4G network, you’ll have all the data you need, anywhere you need it.

Yoho Mobile’s data is completely unlimited, with no daily data caps, and a tethering option. While fair use may be a concern, the solid Trustpilot reviews show that Yoho won’t be cutting you off before you get your money’s worth.

With unlimited plans for 7, 15, and 30 days, you can choose a length that works for your trip. The only downside might be the price, as the 7-day plan will set you back US$26.00 — a rather steep hit. However, the 30 day plan is very economical for heavy data users, at only US$59.99.

And despite the simple no-frills website, signing up was easy and we were on our way in seconds.

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Our tests

(Upload/Download/Latency, in Mbps)

Tested on

Test 1 (Setagaya): 71.2/11.1/40
Test 2 (Shibuya): 101/13.2/38
Test 3 (Shinjuku): 97.97/4.81/51
Average: 67.54/9.70/43.00