Located on a small hilltop next to Waseda Dōri, Anahachimangū is the closest major shrine to Waseda University.

As fitting for its location near the university, the shrine is dedicated to successful business and getting ahead in life. It’s also famous for yabusame — horseback archery. The first recorded use of the area for archery dates from 1636. Yearly yabusame events in nearby Toyama Park are connected to the shrine.

The imposing red gate leading to the main hall
The imposing red gate leading to the main hall | Photo by Gregory Lane

Although the shrine is said to date from 1062, all the buildings were destroyed in the fire bombings of World War II. As a result, the current buildings are of a much more recent vintage.

The shrine provides a serene escape from the bustle of the surrounding neighborhood. Of the structures, the highlight is the imposing vermillion colored gate.

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