A popular and recently renovated museum with a wide range of interactive and entertaining displays – certainly not your usual museum.

Celebrating the innovations of Momofoku Ando, creator of instant chicken ramen many years ago, the museum has plenty of displays dedicated to the man and his mind. Visit his work-shed complete with fateful chickens, watch a film about his career, and see the development of instant ramen through the ages. There is a cooking experience where you can make and package your own chicken ramen from scratch, a ramen themed play area for kids and a My Cup Noodle Factory where you can design your own cup and customise the contents. If you’re left feeling hungry by all this talk of noodle, you can head to the Noodles Bazaar where you can feat on reasonably-priced noodle dishes from across the world, as well as some truly disgusting ramen flavoured ice cream….