Disc Shop Zero

Photo by Greg Lane
Cheapo Article: Used Record Shopping in Shimokitazawa
Japanese script: ディスクショップゼロ
Area: Shimokitazawa
Address: 3rd Floor, 2 Chome-17-10 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo [map]
Phone: 090-7412-5357 090-7412-5357
Hours: Mon - Fri: 1pm to 10pm, Sat/Sun: 12pm to 10pm
Website: http://www.discshopzero.com/

Up two flights of stairs, this place is filled to the gunnels with rare underground vinyl.

If you’re looking particularly for UK dub, drum & base, trip hop, dubstep and any genre or sub genre you’d care to mention, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.

Prices are from around 1,000yen upwards – with most discs around the 1,400yen to 1,800yen range.

Warning: If you’re slightly larger than average, the aisles are so narrow that you may not be able to fit through.

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