Hoppy Street (Hoppi-dori) is the place to go for lively alfresco eating and drinking in Asakusa.

The street is filled with rows of old-school izakaya serving bowls of delicious stew — usually beef — hence why it is also known as Stew Street. There’s also plenty of monjayaki and beer to be had. The quality of the izakaya varies so try and read up on the good ones. We recommend Shōchan, which is at the top of the street, opposite Fuglen Asakusa.

It is popular in the day but really comes alive at night.

What is Hoppy?

Hoppy is a cheap, almost non-alcoholic beer that was popular in post-war Japan. It is usually mixed with shochu and many of the izakaya along Hoppy Street still offer the drink for a nostalgic kick.

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