The Idemitsu Museum of Arts is on the 9th floor of the Imperial Theater Building.

Home to around 15,000 items, this museum is mainly filled with Eastern Asian antiques and ceramics in addition to paintings by Japanese and Western painters.

Permanent exhibitions

Poster for one of the special exhibitions. | Photo by Jane Pipkin

The museum holds special exhibitions, about six times a year. Each one using selected works from the Idemitsu Collection of Japanese painting and calligraphy as well as East Asian ceramics.

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Museum facilities

Enjoy a free beverage and view of the Imperial Garden. | Photo by Jane Pipkin

The museum also has a small museum shop and a quiet seating area, where you can enjoy views of the beautiful Imperial Gardens.

How to buy tickets for Idemitsu Museum of Arts

General admission costs ¥1,200 and ¥800 for school and university students, which you pay at the entrance counter. You can also enter by using the Ticket of Museums around Tokyo Station.

The Idemitsu Museum is also covered by the Tokyo Station Area Museums Ticket.

How to get to Idemitsu Museum of Arts

Take the Yamanote Line to Yurakuchō Station and walk up to 5 minutes. Another option is to take the Hibiya Line or Chiyoda Line and walk up to 3 minutes.

Things to do nearby

This museum is in the Marunouchi area, known for its excellent shopping and dining facilities. The Imperial Palace Gardens are also nearby.

Frequently asked questions

How long do you need for the Idemitsu Museum of Arts?

We would recommend spending at least a hour at the Idemitsu Museum of Arts. This gives you time to browse the exhibition, see the shop and enjoy a free beverage in the seating area.

Does Idemitsu Museum of Arts have English support?

It varies. Some of the exhibit information is provided in English.