Located about a 10 minute walk from either Keikyu Kamata Station or JR Kamata Station, Kamata Onsen is a large public bath house that uses genuine onsen water. The difference between a Sento (public bath) and an Onsen is that onsen use water from natural hot spring bores.

Kamata Onsen entrance
The entrance to Kamata Onsen | Photo by Gregory Lane

Onsen in this area are renowned for their kuromizu (black water)—dark mineral-rich water.

Aside from black water baths, Kamata Onsen has a wide range of baths including the denki furo (electric bath) with an electric current running through the water, sauna, micro bubble bath, and waterfall bath. Apart from baths and saunas, they have massage chairs, karaoke, as well as food and drink.

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