Kosugiyu Harajuku Sento is a public bath in one of the busiest shopping districts of Tokyo: Harajuku. If you want to know more about how to enjoy onsen and sento respectively, make sure to read our how-to guide.

Kosugiyu also has a sento in Koenji and is all about preserving the culture of public bathing, which has been slowly dying in Japan.

What to expect

The sento is on the first basement floor (called Chikaichi) of the Harakado shopping complex. There are separate baths for both men and women — both are equal in size and contain three types of baths: a milk bath, as well as a hot and cold bath. It isn’t as large as some other sentos and onsens in Tokyo — there are only around nine washing areas.

Are tattoos allowed?

Yes. Kosugiyu Harajuku Sento is open to everyone.

How much?

The sento doesn’t cost much: ¥520 for adults and junior high school students, ¥200 for those between 6 and 12 years old, and ¥100 for those under 6. You can rent a bath towel for ¥200, a face towel for ¥100, and a hairdryer for ¥20 for 3 minutes.

The area around the sento can be accessed for free and includes a Sapporo beer station and areas to stretch and relax.

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