Maach Ecute Kanda Manseibashi is a shopping mall under the tracks where the disused Chuo Line Manseibashi used to be.

The station has not been in operation since 1943, but the elevated platforms next to the Kanda River are still there and the space under the tracks has been extensively renovated with a long wooden deck added to the Kanda River side of the complex.

The inside of Maach Ecute
Inside Maach Ecute there are lots of interesting boutique shops connected by the small archways | Photo by Gregory Lane

Included amongst the many boutique shops within is a branch of Hitachino Brewing Lab (the makers of Nest Beer), Vinosity Domi (a wine shop), a branch of Blue Bottle Coffee, a staffed office for Docomo Bike Sharing, as well as a number of fashion stores and eateries.

The southern entrance to Maach Ecute
The southern entrance to Maach Ecute | Photo by Gregory Lane

The highlight (especially if you’re a train enthusiast) is Platinum Fish Cafe, which is a cafe that takes up much of the old Manseibashi Station platform.

View of the Chuo Line from Platinum Fish Restaurant
Fancy commuter trains passing right by your table? | Photo by Gregory Lane

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