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Kanda is a district northeast of the Imperial Palace. You won’t see many touristy things around here, as it’s known as an academic area with many schools and universities. But that just means it’s full of hidden gems you probably don’t know about but should definitely visit.

Where to eat and drink in Kanda

Kanda is a popular after-work spot for workers in the area as well as the office workers of nearby Marunouchi, so there are plenty of dining options. Maach Ecute next to the Kanda River, is a new development with a variety of restaurants in a century-old disused train station. From the west exit of Kanda Station, you’ll find the Nishiguchi shopping street, which is full of izakaya and affordable tasty food, like 100-hour Curry. And for a night of drinking, you can’t go wrong in Kanda. There is a particularly large number of craft beer bars in the area including TAPxTAP, Craft Beer Market Kanda, Craft Beer Market Awajicho, a branch of Yonayona Beer Works, and a Hitachino Brewery Labo in the previously mentioned Maach Ecute..

What to do in Kanda

Visit Kanda Myojin Shrine, especially in May during the Kanda Festival, one of Tokyo’s three greatest Shinto festivals. Yushima Seido and Yushima Tenjin Shrine are two other visit-worthy shrines that remind you of the area’s reputation for learning. The former honors the Chinese scholar Confucius, while the latter is dedicated to the deity of scholarship, Sugawara Michizane.

Nikolai-do (Saint Nicolai Church) looks out of place in the middle of Tokyo. The main cathedral of the Japanese Orthodox Church, it’s Russian-style design is at least worth walking past as you go about your sightseeing.

One thing the Kanda area is famous for is used/old books. There are tons of used book stores you can browse through, and a big festival in the fall that is a true bookworm’s heaven.

Where to stay in Kanda

Kanda Station and Ochanomizu Station are the area’s main stations, and they can take you just about anywhere in Tokyo. That makes this district ideal for staying in during your trip. We like Capsule Value Kanda Hotel. For something a little mor comfortable, nationwide hotel chain MyStays has a branch in Kanda.

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