A large and important Shinto shrine in the Kanda/Ochanomizu area, the Myojin shrine is home to the Kanda festival which is one of the three biggest in Tokyo.

Originally built in the year 730, the shrine has since been moved and rebuilt multiple times, although it did survive the bombing of WWII, unlike many other Japanese structures in the city.

The Shrine’s proximity to tech-central Akihabara hasn’t left it untouched—it is a popular spot to buy talisman for the protection of electronic goods.

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The main approach to Kanda Myojin | Photo by Gregory Lane

The shrine is on a small hill which can be easily reached on foot from JR Akihabara Station. However, if you’re making a special visit to Kanda Myojin, the shrine is most easily reached from either JR Ochanomizu Station or Shin-ochanomizu Station. It’s free, but I’m sure your ancestors would appreciate the coin.

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