Kanda Matsuri


Back for the first time since the pandemic, One of Tokyo’s three major festivals — Kanda Matsuri — takes place over a period of 8 days in mid-May. The festival only takes place in odd-numbered years, so after the festival in 2023, you won’t see it again till 2025.

What happens?

Based in and around Kanda Myojin Shrine near Ochanomizu Station, the Kanda Matsuri is a Shinto festival originally held to celebrate Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa’s famous victory at the Battle of Sekigahara. The main parades are on Saturday and Sunday in the middle, with the ‘reitaisai’ procession on the last day of the festival.

Schedule 2023

The main parades are on Saturday, May 13, and Sunday, May 14 for 2023. There will also be tea ceremonies, a Noh theatre performance, and other smaller ceremonies throughout the festival period.

May 13 (Sat.)

  • 16:00–20:00: Mikoshi (portable shrines) will set off from several areas around Tokyo, including Nihonbashi and Kanda Station (around 19:30). Full timings here.
  • 05:00–19:00: Floats will also be paraded around Nihonbashi and the main street in Akihabara (around 17:30). Details here.

May 14 (Sun.)

  • 09:00–18:30: Setting off earlier than Saturday, the mikoshi head around Soto-Kanda, Iwamotocho, and Akihabara. Full timings here.

May 17 (Wed.)

  • From 14:00: The grand festival, Reitaisai, will include shrine maiden dancing and other traditional ceremonies.
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