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Capsule Value Kanda Hotel
1-4-5 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Japan
From ¥1,500 /night

We hear you like cheap. Well, Capsule Value Kanda Hotel is that and more – but only if you’re male (capsules aren’t lockable, so many capsule hotels serve only men or only women).

Each capsule comes with basic amenities such as TV, alarm clock and free wi-fi. There are vending machines for refreshments as well as toilets, showers and baths. These are of course shared facilities as your room is a capsule like something from a 60s sci-fi movie.

The location is handy to Mitsukoshimae subway station and both Ginza and the imperial palace are within walking distance. Akihabara is a 5 minute train journey away.

Perhaps because you like the cheap thing, Capsule Value Kanda Hotel is one of the most booked capsule hotels on Tokyo Cheapo.