Nakanobu Onsen Matsunoyu is a traditional sento (public bath house) in the Nakanobu neighborhood of Shinagawa ward.

Like all good sento, there is a large mural of Mount Fuji to admire while you soak. This isn’t just an ordinary sento though, it’s a veritable theme park of different bath types.

They have a rotenburo (outdoor bath) with a view of a Japanese garden, a “high power” bath, a “screw bath” (the water rotates), and a sauna. For the adventurous, they also have an electric bath with live current running through the water.

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The special baths rotate between male and female use each week, so if you want to try all of them, you’ll have to visit at least twice.

As the name suggests, Matsunoyu is actually an onsen, since the water is from natural springs.