Milpa is the name of the shopping association in the Omori Ginza neighborhood to the south east of JR Ōmori Station. More commonly it’s the name associated with the covered arcade.

The entrance to Milpa
The entrance to Milpa | Photo by Gregory Lane

Unfortunately, many of the shops in the arcade have probably seen better days, with a large number of shuttered shops. One unique shop worth checking out is the Morihan Nori Shop which is about halfway along the arcade. The nori (seaweed) is a bit pricey, but the packaging is beautiful, so it’s a great place to pick up a gift or two.

Morihan Nori Shop
Morihan Nori Shop | Photo by Gregory Lane

The arcade is free of motor vehicle traffic, but large numbers of bicycles hurtle through here at speed, so standing in one place can be hazardous!

Tobacco Shien Milpa
Tobacco Shien in the Milpa arcade | Photo by Gregory Lane