The Mitsui Memorial Museum in Nihonbashi.

It prides itself on having retained a sense of Japanese culture through its collection of Japanese and East Asian artworks and artifacts. The collection, acquired by the Mitsui families, also consists of many other fascinating items including tea ceremony utensils, Noh costumes, and swords.

Permanent exhibitions

National Treasure Pine Trees in the Snow and Noh Masks: Ingenious Design in Noh (exhibition). | Photo by Jane Pipkin

There is no permanent exhibition space at this museum. Despite there being no permanent exhibitions, there are special and thematic ones. See a list of this year’s exhibitions.

Museum facilities

Shop for traditional and unique souvenirs. | Photo by Jane Pipkin

As well as the seven different gallery spaces, this museum also has a shop, art salon, nursing room, and lecture room.

How to buy tickets for Mitsui Memorial Museum

It is easiest to buy your tickets at the entrance counter of the museum.

You can also enter by using the Ticket of Museums around Tokyo Station pass or Grutto Pass.

How to get to Mitsui Memorial Museum

There are a few different ways to get to the museum. The best way is to take the Ginza Line to Mitsukoshimae Station and then walk a minute. If you are taking the JR line, head to either Tokyo Station or Kanda Station. From each of these, the walk is around 6 to 7 minutes.

Things to do nearby

The main street outside the museum. | Photo by Jane Pipkin

The museum is in Nihonbashi, just west of Tokyo Station. This is a great place to go on an architecture-appreciation walk. Buildings like the Bank of Japan, Mitsukoshi Department Store, and Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower, are just some examples that show off the mix between urban Japan and classical Western style that makes the neighborhood unique. Browsing at most of the area’s art galleries is also free.

Frequently asked questions

How long do you need for the Mitsui Memorial Museum?

Allow yourself at least a hour to look around the exhibition space and the museum shop.

Does Mitsui Memorial Museum have English support?

As of now, no English guide is avaliable and there is limited English support.

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