Tokyo Station is not Japan’s oldest station nor even its biggest, but it does have the beautifully restored Meiji era station building on the Marunouchi side and it’s undoubtedly important as a terminus for the high speed Shinkansen lines that head north, west and south. After years of planning and delays caused by various wars, construction commenced in 1908 . Designed by Tatsuno Kingo it was a restrained celebration of Japan’s  victory in the Russo-Japanese War and was rumoured to have been styled after the Amsterdam Central Station, although Kingo denied this. The station opened in 1914 with two platforms for electric trains and two for the non-electric ones. It has been the site of many events, including the assassination of Prime Minister Hara Takashi in  1921  and was heavily damaged during the bombing of WWII. It was soon fixed, but with only two levels rather than the original three, and simple angular roofs instead of the original domes. During renovations which ended in 2012, the historic Marunouchi side of the station was restored to its pre-war design.

In the period from Christmas to New Year there is usually a light-up of the facade. In past years it has included projection mapping.

  • The stunning dome over the North Marunouchi exit of Tokyo Station.

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