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Relocated from Odaiba, teamLab Borderless: Mori Building Digital Art Museum reopened in a brand new purpose-built facility at Azabudai Hills on February 9, 2024.

Borderless was the most ambitious project from multimedia wunderkinds teamLab and is even more spectacular in its new location with several new artworks for visitors to enjoy.

Note: Don’t get this confused with the other teamLab Art Museum in Tokyo: teamLab Planets.


Bubble Universe: Physical Light, Bubbles of Light, Wobbling Light, and Environmental Light. | Photo by Aimee Gardner

TeamLab Borderless doesn’t have traditional exhibition spaces. Instead, over 50 artworks move around the exhibition spaces interacting with each other and visitors. The artworks also tend to cycle through different stages over time — sometimes it takes a full hour for them to complete their cycle, but some are shorter. Because of this, we recommend allowing yourself time to circle back and visit exhibition spaces more than once.

Some of the artworks you can see at teamLab Borderless include:

  • Microcosmoses – Wobbling Light: jelly-like masses of light shake as they travel through the room.
  • An Existence Without Center or Boundary : an artwork that appears to exist materially in the room, but does not actually exist.
  • Bubble Universe: bubble-like spheres fill the space.
  • Universe of Fire Particles Dissolving: flames extend in every direction and then disolve away.
  • Sketch Ocean:: Visitors color in a fish and then watch it come to life.
“Sketch Ocean” artwork. | Photo by Aimee Gardner

Museum facilities

There are vending machines inside the museum, and two rest areas on each floor. There’s also En Tea House, where you can enjoy a hot cup of tea — but no food.

How to buy tickets for teamLab Borderless

“Light Sculpture Flow” artwork. | Photo by Aimee Gardner

Tickets can be booked on Klook or the official teamLab Borderless website. Adult tickets cost ¥3,800¥4,800, while children’s cost ¥2,800 (13 to 17 years old) or ¥1,500 (4 to 12 years old). Children under 3 are free. Adult ticket prices vary based on the dates.

Those with disability certificates can enter for ¥1,900¥2,400.

How to get to teamLab Borderless

Azabudai Hills from the Kamiyacho side. | Photo by Gregory Lane

The museum is located on B1 Floor of Garden Plaza B, in the northwest corner of the Azabudai Hills complex. The closest station is Kamiyacho on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (Exit 2).

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Frequently asked questions

Which is better: teamLab Borderless or teamLab Planets?

Both have their charms, so it depends on what you want to experience. Borderless offers the OG teamLab experience with all the interactive artworks, while Planets is a lot more sensory and hands on.

How long do you need for teamLab Borderless?

Allow yourself 2 to 3 hours for teamLab Borderless.

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