Stylised as NAGATACHO GRiD, this is a co-working office, event space and office for up and coming startups.

Nagatacho GRiD lobby | Photo by Gregory Lane

The basement hosts events such as Nerd Night, while the 6th floor “Attic” hosts startup related events. The ground floor is home to the “tiny peace kitchen”, floor 2 is the GRiD co-working space, floors 3 and 4 house startup offices, and floor 5 is the office of MIDORI.SO—another co-working company.

A Nerd Nite event on in the basement of GRiD
A Nerd Nite event on in the basement of GRiD | Photo by Gregory Lane

Although rarely used, GRiD also has a rooftop with great evening views of the neighborhood.

GRiD Nagatacho | Photo by Gregory Lane

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