Known as MOMAT (Museum of Modern Art Tokyo), the National Museum of Modern Art has a permanent collection on display as well as hosting touring exhibitions from museums outside Japan.

Tickets are available for booking online, and both general admission ticket and a guided/facilitated tour are available!

Get up close and personal with Walker Evans’ arresting Depression-era photographs of working-class families from Alabama (Interior of Floyd Burroughs’ Cabin, Alabama, 1936) and witness the hauntingly desolate and near-apocalyptic landscapes of the Australian outback by Arthur Boyd (The Australian Scapegoat, 1987). The museum also demonstrates the influence of Western contemporary artists on Japanese artists and vice versa, featuring numerous works by the multimedia artist Yayoi Kusama (A Signpost to Hades, 1976), and the surrealist Ai-Mitsu (Moths, 1941, and Landscape with an Eye, 1938).