Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO is the one of the largest Pokémon Centers in Tokyo, making it a great place to stock up on Pokémon merchandise.

What’s special about this Pokémon Center?

MEGA TOKYO is the newest Pokémon Center in Tokyo, and its current mascot statue is Miraidon from Pokémon Violet. Here you can take photos with the statues of the gym leaders at the Pokémon GO Lab, while at the Pokémon Card Game area you can battle other Pokémon fans. These two things are unique to MEGA TOKYO, you can’t do them at the other centers in Tokyo.

Nearby there is also the Pikachu Sweets Café, not to be confused with the Pokémon Café. The Pikachu Sweets Café is take-away only, and doesn’t need reservations — unlike the Pokémon Café.

Is the Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO worth it?

If you want to get a lot of shopping done, this Pokémon Center is a good pick. The Pokémon GO Lab is also fun if you’re a Pokémon GO player, and the Pikachu Sweets Café is great for a snack. There are also lots of Pokémon statues around the entrance of the Pokémon Center so there are good photo ops.

This Rowlet statue looks a whole lot like Ikebukuro’s owl mascot. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Plus, there’s lots to do in Sunshine City shopping mall and Ikebukuro too.

How to get there

The closest train stations are Higashi Ikebukuro Station (5-minute walk) and Ikebukuro Station (10-minute walk).

Frequently asked questions

What are the ticket prices for the Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO?

You don’t need tickets to enter Pokémon Centers, entry is free.

Does it get busy?

Yes, it does. On weekends, holidays, and release days there can be long lines just to enter. We recommend visiting on a weekday if you can.

Where is the Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO?

MEGA TOKYO is on the second floor of the Sunshine City shopping mall in Ikebukuro.

Are Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO prices expensive?

The price for goods are the same across all the Pokémon Centers. Other shops that sell Pokémon goods might be cheaper — or more expensive.

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