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Head back in time at the Seibuen Amusement Park — for a glimpse of Showa-era Japan! Modelled after the culture and design of the 60s, you can savor everything from classic food to fashion.

If you love the glimpses of retro Japan you’ve been catching in the city, this is the place for you.

Seibuen Attractions

While the main theme of the park is retro Japan, there are still plenty of modern rides offering thrills. The rides are family oriented, and a mix of popular characters and classic fairground gems. Children and adults alike will enjoy helping Ultraman save the earth or dodging attacks from an angry Godzilla in their immersive rides. Once you’ve caught your breath, relax with a whirl on the beautifully decorated merry-go-round, or the swinging trapeze.

There are plenty of other beloved Japanese characters to see — Atom awaits on his trip to the moon nearby. Young detectives can wrack their brains over the mystery of Zenitendo’s candy store. And don’t miss the Seibuen mascots Leo and Laiya on their rides! For one last trip down nostalgic roads, finish at the Sunset Festival Street, where you’ll play traditional fairground games with your coins.

Seibuen Shopping

If you’d rather relax than ride, the Seibuen Amusement Park has something for you too. The Yuhi no Oka shopping street is a replica of a 1960’s shopping street, with stores and restaurants built into houses. You can shop for candy, clothes, and coin pouches as you bustle down the street. If you need a break, stop in at one of the many cafes serving classic snacks and drinks. And don’t leave without joining in with the Boogie Woogie Festival — where you’ll join the residents dancing and singing.

Buying tickets to Seibuen

You can buy tickets to Seibuen online or at the door, but we recommend buying in advance to skip the queues. You can pick up a one day pass for ¥4,900 for adults, and ¥3,600 for children between 3 and 11.

Seibuen uses a unique currency inside the park, so you’ll need some for any shopping you might do. You can buy a joint one-day pass and in-park currency bundle from their website (Link in Japanese), as well tickets for two rides not included in their one day pass. You can also buy this currency inside the park, at the ticket office, Yuhigaoka Post Office, and Ticket Center.

Getting to Seibuen

Seibuen Amusement Park is in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, making it easily accesible from Tokyo. The park is directly connected to Seibuen Yuenchi Station on the Seibu-Yamaguchi Line. Trips take about 45 minutes from Ikebukuro Station, and 50 minutes from Shinjuku Station, taking the Seibu line out into Saitama.

If driving from Tokyo, you can avoid the expressways, although roads and parking may be congested during holidays. Seibuen has paid parking available for ¥1,800 for cars. You can find an exact address and more travel advice here. (Link in Japanese)

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