Whatever reason you’re in Shibuya — be it work, play, or to stay, Shibuya Sakura Stage has something for you. This multipurpose complex opened fully in November 2023, and has everything you need for a day in the city. You’ll be only metres away from some of Shibuya’s most popular spots — Shibuya Sky, Scramble Crossing, and Shibuya 109.

But there’s plenty to do at Shibuya Sakura Stage itself, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a unique exhibition.

Things to do at Shibuya Sakura Stage

Let’s head in. | Photo by Shyam Bhardwa

Sakura Stage is split into two buildings, the “Shibuya Side” and the “Stage Side”, with several “Stages” scattered throughout. These are plaza areas with unique themes — from the Nigiwai Stage’s fountains and modern design to the Hakugami Stage’s seasonal gardens. Each of them has space for visitors to sit and enjoy the ambience.

Suggested Activity
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There are also several trendy restaurants, cafés, and bars scattered throughout the complex. If you’re in the mood for a quick bite, Japanese chains such as Sukiya or the food hall have you covered. For something more substantial, there are eat-in locations within the complex. It’s also a great place for late nights, as many restaurants stay open late and double as bars. Check out the full line-up of restaurants at Sakura Stage.

There are also other facilities, such as rental apartments, hotels, and even an international school on the “Shibuya Side”.

Getting to Shibuya Sakura Stage

Head for the lights! | Photo by Shyam Bhardwa

Sakura Stage is easy to access from Shibuya Station, with an a built-in connection to the concourse. Simply head towards the new ticket gate offering access to Shibuya Stream/Sakura Stage, then it’s a quick hop on a lift or escalator to the main complex. The complex is mostly wheelchair accesible.

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