Located on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of a building helpfully decorated in Mario motifs, Super Potato is the place to go for retro gaming.

The Akihabara store is the flagship store of the chain which focuses on retro and vintage games rather than the latest VR headsets, and is much more fun because of it. There’s something for everyone as you wander the aisles of games and merchandise for games of the past and head upstairs to try them out yourself. You’re bound to see some childhood favorites as well as some unfamiliar names, plus a weird hybrid of the two as you’ll find some alternative branding you may not be used to.

Although Super Potato is famous for both the range of retro games and the rarities you may encounter, it’s most definitely not the cheapest. Book Off and Sofmap both have retro games for less money than Super Potato.

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