One of the pricier options when it comes to onsen in Tokyo, The Spa Seijo makes up for it in spaciousness and beauty.

With a fitness club above and a Uniqlo below, separate yourself from your physical location and transport yourself to a world of relaxation. There are foot baths, vibra-baths, jet bath, and outdoor baths, as well as three types of sauna to sweat it out in. The onsen draws naturally black water from 1,200m below ground which has a slight slipperiness due to the alkaline content and is believed to be especially good for the skin. They also offer a range of beauty treatments if you’re feeling like a treat.

Weekday admission is ¥1,320 (¥1,740) for five hours. For shorter visits of only an hour the prices drops to ¥880 on weekdays and ¥1,100 on weekends; you can also get these same prices by visiting after 8pm on a weekday or weekend, respectively. Meanwhile if you come on a weekday morning before noon the price is ¥1,100; for a weekend morning before 10am the cost is ¥550.

If you want to splurge, a five hour package — for women only — with admission to the baths as well as the stone sauna (which costs extra) plus lunch and towel rental costs ¥2,340. Otherwise towel rental is ¥220.

Sorry, no tattoos allowed.