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Thermae-Yu is a hot spring facility in Kabukichō. It has six different indoor baths, plus an open-air bath. Open 24 hours, it’s the perfect place to unwind and relax — perhaps while waiting for the first train.

How much is entry?

Standard entry costs ¥2,700 Monday to Thursday, and ¥2,800 on Fridays, weekends, and National Holidays. There is also an additional late night/early morning surcharge of ¥2,000 Monday to Thursday, or ¥2,300 on Fridays, weekends, and National Holidays. You can buy discounted tickets online for ¥2,200 regardless of the day.

Are people with tattoos allowed to enter Thermae-Yu?

Thermae-Yu has an “experimental policy” for tattoos and the rules are a bit complicated. Women with “fashion tattoos” are allowed to enter, but are asked to cover the tattoo if it’s larger than 30cm by 30cm. Men “who came from abroad for tourism” must show their passports and cover their tattoos — if you can’t cover them you might be denied entry.

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Bandages for covering tattoos can be bought at the facility for ¥310.