Running since 1928, the Tokyo American Club is a hub of the US community, with regular events, sports facilities (including squash courts), a gallery, library, cellar, restaurants, spa, meeting rooms and more.

The club is only available to members and guests, aside from specific hosted events.

Tokyo American Club membership

You don’t have to be an American to become a member of the Tokyo American Club—people from many different countries are part of the community. However, you do have to pay membership fees.


The fees depend on the type of membership you take out. Note that Japanese citizens generally pay higher fees.

Resident Membership

An entrance fee of 1.5 million yen for foreign nationals, 3.5 million yen for Japanese nationals. Plus a deposit of 200,000 yen, and monthly fees of 22,000 yen for single membership, 29,000 yen for couples, and 35,000 yen for families.

Resident memberships are unlimited. You can choose to take out a three-year membership instead, paying half of the above entrance fee, but higher monthly fees.

Company memberships are also available. And if you have friends or family visiting, you can sponsor them as temporary members, on a limited basis.

Dress code

Dress code at the Tokyo American Club is generally smart, so don’t rock up looking sloppy. They advise “erring on the side of more conservative attire“, and making sure you look neat and clean.

The Tokyo American Club hotel

The club has seven Guest Studios, which are available to members, as well as visiting family or colleagues. They are said to be very snazzy indeed.

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