The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is Tokyo’s biggest photography museum. It’s also known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and has nicknamed itself “TOP Museum.”

The museum is in Yebisu Garden Place, in Meguro Ward. It opened in 1995, and has galleries spread over three floors. The museum hosts exhibitions covering themes, periods of history, and individual photographers.

Permanent exhibitions

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum doesn’t exactly have a permanent exhibition. Instead, it rotates through its vast collection. Exhibitions that feature photographs from the collection are called “TOP Collection” exhibitions. These exhibitions usually change every three to four months. However, sometimes there won’t be a TOP Collection exhibition. Instead, the museum will only have special exhibitions.

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Special exhibitions

There are normally two or three special exhibitions at a time. They vary a lot in terms of theme and style, but are always high quality. Special exhibitions can last anywhere from one to six months.

Museum facilities

TOP Museum has a museum shop and café. The museum shops has a lots of photography books on sale, but most of them are in Japanese. Hardcore photography fans should check out the library or the print study room. There is also a studio for photography related workshops, a film screening room, and computers that visitors can use to search the museum’s collection.

How to buy tickets

Tickets to the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum can be bought in person at the museum. Admission fees vary depending on the exhibition, but you can get discounts with the Grutto Pass. Entry to most exhibits is included in the Tokyo Pass too. There is also a range of other discounts available (link in Japanese).

How to get to Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

TOP Museum is about a 10-minute walk from Ebisu Station.

Things to do nearby

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is located in Yebisu Garden Place. This complex has a number of restaurants and cafés, and from late 2023, a brewery.

Frequently asked questions

How long do you need for the Tokyo Photographic Museum?

We recommend allowing around 1 hour for each exhibition you plan to see.

Does the Tokyo Photographic Museum have information in English?

Not all exhibitions will have full English translations. However most will at least have an English pamphlet.