The Canal Cafe is a beautifully peaceful (if you can ignore the nearby Chuo-Sobu Line and Sotobori Dori Avenue) outdoor cafe located on a remnant of Edo’s outer moat just to the south of Iidabashi Station.

The cafe is split into the restaurant side (meal order required) and cafe side (just drinks OK). If you want a coveted table on the terrace next to the water rather than a table inside the building, you need to reserve in advance and tell them you’d like to be seated on the terrace.

Once you’ve filled up on food and drinks, you can work some of it off by taking a row boat out for a jaunt on the water. You can rent a boat for 40 minutes for ¥1,000.

It’s considered very oshare (posh) in Tokyo, so it’s often the venue for scenes in local TV dramas.

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