This cafe used to be in Shibuya, but they relocated to new premises under the train tracks between Asakusa and the Tokyo Skytree in 2020.

Deus Ex Machina interior
Deus Ex Machina interior | Photo by Gregory Lane

A large part of the shop is given over to fashion. With slightly pricey t-shirts, jackets and hoodies emblazoned with their logo.

They have a full menu of espresso drinks, including a Flat White for ¥550, Deus Latte for ¥600, and cold brew for ¥600. In addition to coffee, they have matcha lattes for ¥700 along with other teas, lemonades, soft drinks and even chocolate milk.

Besides coffee, the other thing that Deus Ex Machina does well is sandwiches. Some options include a Patty Melt sandwich for ¥1,600, a BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich for ¥1,300 or a Veggie sandwich for ¥1,200.

Photo by Brian de Heus

Although their old shop had pretty good hours, the Asakusa location doesn’t open until 11am, so early morning caffeine hounds are out of luck.

The canal side of Deus Ex Machina
The canal side of Deus Ex Machina | Photo by Gregory Lane

The other side of the shop opens out onto the redeveloped area next to the canal (the Kita Jikken River).

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