Sometimes you just want to stuff your face with food. The reasonably sized portions in Japan do a great job preventing binge eating. Portion and plate sizes are designed so you can finish everything on your plate without over eating. This is great… most of the time.

But sometimes you just need to stuff you face with delicious, unhealthy food. When this urge hits, head on over to Go! Go! Curry.

Go Go Curry

I used to think the only way I could stuff my face was doing an all you can eat buffet or ordering double portions. Both are expensive and made my wallet cry. Then my friend took me to Go! Go! Curry.

What is special about Go! Go! Curry?

  1. The portion sizes are named after airline seats
  2. The curry sauce is dark, savory, and delicious
  3. There is a ball of shredded cabbage served with each plate
  4. The curry rice is served in a stainless steel bowl with just a fork
  5. The portion sizes are huge
  6. For a set price, you get the rice, an ample (almost too ample) amount of sauce, shredded cabbage, and your choice of meat (pork, chicken, shrimp, sausage, or all four)

Go! Go! Curry makes overindulgence easy. Their menu is simple; one type of curry, four topping options, four sizes. Click here to see the Go! Go! Curry menu. The cheapest, “healthy” sized curry is 500yen and looks like this:

Go Go Curry

The “economy” size curry with chicken cutlet on top is only 750yen and is good for two meals. I’ve shared many an “economy” sized meal with my fiancé and always left full.

When you enter the shop, you select and pay for your curry at the vending machine by the door. Once you pay, a helper will direct you to an open spot on the counter. Some of the shops have a second floor; all the shops seat you along a counter.

Go Go Curry


The atmosphere of the Go! Go! Curry shops seems to always be the same. It is a mix of manly women on dates with their boyfriends, quite salarymen on their lunch break, and foreigners. Because the counter seating, everyone minds their own business. The walls are covered with posters, flyers advertising local indie events, and drawings from patrons.

In less than five minutes your food is ready. Hot, savory, and smelling like heaven – the Go! Go! Curry is one of my favorite things to eat in Tokyo. The only downside, of course, is that I can never seem to finish even the “healthy” sized curry on my own. There is just too much. It doesn’t matter how hungry I am, I can’t finish it.

Go go curry

Next time you are craving some savory curry, head on down to the nearest Go! Go! Curry. The chain runs throughout Tokyo, with a signature yellow signboard with a black gorilla and red lettering.

Click here to see a list of their chains (to see if there is a shop near you)


Akasaka, Akihabara, Hachioji, Ochanomizu, Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Suidobashi, Takadanobaba, Ueno, Yotsuya, Yoyogi.

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