The hidden village of the ninjas awaits as you enter the depths of the Ninja Restaurant in Tokyo, only a stone’s throw from Tokyo Station. This feudally decorated restaurant has a long wait for reservations — make sure you book well in advance!

The interior of the Ninja Restaurant is like a small village, with stone huts and hanging moss, waterfalls, and five small ponds. If you throw any change into the waterfall, it will be donated to Hiseda Shrine and should bring you good luck. All diners will also get to enjoy a magic performance whilst eating, with the magician showing his repertoire with fire and knives.

The food here is fairly upmarket, with between six and eight courses, ranging from ¥8,800 to ¥19,800 per person. You can expect seasonal dishes and ninja touches, like shuriken (throwing star) grissini and stone-boiled soup. There is no a la carte option — so save this one for a special occasion.

Guests are also charged a 10% service fee on top of the menu prices, so make sure you come on an empty stomach to get your money’s worth! For those with special dietary requirements, they offer a vegetarian course menu for ¥8,800, and a pork-and-alcohol-free course upon request, as well as vegan options.

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