Finally, New York-style pizza by the slice is available in Tokyo. Nestled in a backstreet in Sarugaku-cho, Pizza Slice stylishly serves up authentic NYC pizza.

Everything about the food smacks of authenticity. The pizza slices are perfect – they’re foldable, thin and crisp, have exactly the correct amount of cheese, and are even served on paper plates. The attention to detail here is incredible, including the freshness guarantee and the imposing pizza oven.

Photo by Evans

The restaurant itself is beautiful, with its long wooden tables, high ceiling, great music and well-stocked bar. A huge cheese slice costs only ¥380. For ¥500, you can buy a pepperoni slice, an Italian sausage slice or an anchovy and olive slice. ¥650 will get you a homemade meatball slice or (and the rarity of this in Tokyo makes it worth the cost) a white pizza slice. At lunchtime, you can get a cheese slice, any other slice and soft drink for ¥1,000.

Photo by Evans

Pizza Slice is a fantastic addition to Tokyo’s pizza options: you can eat in a stylish setting, without setting yourself back. With one bite of a slice you are transported to Brooklyn.

Pizza Slice in Sarugakucho, Shibuya | Photo by Gregory Lane

Editor’s note: This review may read like an advertorial, but we promise it’s not. Evans just really loves this place!

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