⚠️ This location is permanently closed.

Watching the sun go down from the terrace seating of Post makes for a delightful and cheapo-friendly end to your beach trip to Kamakura. “Zaimokuza the Terrace” is a new development on the Zaimokuza side of the Kamakura seafront. Even in the height of summer, it’s surprisingly uncrowded for such a great position overlooking the water.

The menu theme is “international”, with hints of Hawaii and Italy poking though, but there’s no particular speciality or focus. Everything we ordered was good, and pretty reasonably priced too (especially if you factor in the seafront terrace sunsets).

Cheapo menu picks: The homemade lemonade is a winner at 500 yen, and the tuna poke, while a little on the small side, is still good value at 890 yen. The seasonal vegetable fritters are a must if they are on the menu when you’re there.

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