A very affordable, good-quality sushi restaurant tucked away on the quieter southeast side of Kamakura.

Tomoe Sushi is only a 10-minute or so walk from the hustle and bustle around the station and Komachi shopping street—and with the restaurant’s gentle jazz background music, you’ll feel like you’re in a different universe from the rest of Kamakura.

Sadly the staff (two sushi chefs) are not equipped with English menus, but the selection is short and sweet, so there shouldn’t be much complication when ordering:

  • Temaki set (tuna rice rolls wrapped in nori seaweed): ¥2,050
  • Temaki don (rice bowl topped with tuna and nori seaweed) don: ¥2,600
  • Tuna sushi set: ¥3,700
  • Sashimi set (chefs’ selection of sashimi): ¥3,100
  • Nigiri sushi set (chefs’ selection of sushi): ¥3,700

Credit cards are accepted, but with a 5% surcharge.

The portions are “Japanese size” so we ordered three dishes to share between two, and had bananas for dessert (from the Lawson convenience store opposite the restaurant) as we walked back to the station.

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