If you’re in the neighborhood to visit Kawasaki Daishi or Kanayama Shrine, then this good value sushi shop on the main road leading to Kawasaki Daishi temple is a recommended stopover.

For lunch, they have a selection of kaisen-don—fresh sashimi served on a bed of sushi rice—from ¥580 to ¥1,350 depending on the ingredients. They also have nigiri sushi sets from ¥680 for the basic set through to ¥1,680 for the deluxe set.

Kaisendon at Katsuharu | Photo by Gregory Lane

All sets come with miso soup, chawanmushi and tea.

A word of warning, even though this writer is well acquainted with wasabi, the quantity that came with the meal was far more than necessary. Take caution before mixing it all up!

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