Shizuoka’s top Green Tea ice cream creators Nanaya have teamed up with the Asakusa Matcha Tea Shop Suzukien to provide all the cold frozen matcha joy you could ever need. With seven levels of intensity, you can work your way up to the main event which is thought to be the richest Matcha ice cream in existence. The shop suggestion is to try one of the higher numbers with a lower, so you can compare the flavours like a wine-connoisseur.

A level 7 matcha cone
A level 7 matcha cone | Photo by Gregory Lane

The richest is also the most bitter, so keep that in mind as it can be pretty intense. Level 7 (¥590 for a cup and ¥610) for a cone) is a little more expensive than levels 1-6 (¥390 for a cup and ¥420) and you can choose between a cone and a small cup designed to look like a traditional black green tea bowl.

Since a lot of people love matcha, and even more love ice cream, the queues here can be long, especially since it is close to Sensoji temple, so it’s not exactly a quiet place to start with. Get in line though, as the treat at the end will definitely be worth it!

For ice cream, it’s cash only.

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