Heartfelt Thanks To Our Most Esteemed Gold Patrons

Our Crowdfunding Campaign Gold Patrons

Listed hereunder, our most esteemed, talented and excellent gold patrons who’s generous support helped lay the foundations for our popular ebook guide to Tokyo – Thank you!

Atsushi Archie Kugue

A Hokkaido born social butterfly in hibernating… or already metamorphosed into a corporate drone without intending to!?


Guy Vincent

Founder of the most excellent platform Publishizer, launch your book with Publishizer!

Brett Whiteside

Brett creates products for learning Thai and spends a lot of time in Japan.

Richard Webb

Richard Webb is the author of 80/20 Japanese, a book that focuses on teaching you the 20% of the Japanese language that will get you 80% of the results. He has also written several basic Japanese language guides for Tokyo Cheapo, which you can read here.

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