¥7,920 – Click Here To Book

The Mobal Japan Unlimited Voice+Data SIM isn’t the cheapest option, but the combination of worldwide shipping and the killer feature of having an actual Japanese phone number with voice-calling capabilities is a winner.


  • Buy now, activate later
  • 7GB of data at super-fast 4G LTE speeds
  • Unlimited data at slower 200 kbps
  • Real Japanese phone number
  • Text/SMS, so you can download and use Japan apps

This is the ONLY SIM available to temporary visitors that has a real Japanese number with an 070, 080 or 090 prefix. This isn’t an “050” number or a dodgy VOIP number, it’s the real thing, so if you get in an accident, or need emergency assistance, this is the SIM you want.

No one plans to get in a car accident, but we’ve personally come across visitors who have crashed their rental car and were unable to even call their rental car company because they didn’t have a voice-capable SIM.