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Kangaroo Hotel Minamisenju
1-21-11 Nihonzutsumi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

This little nubbin of a hotel has only 18 small rooms and shared toilets but it’s dead cheap with singles starting at only 3600 yen. Family-owned, you won’t be lining the pockets of real estate moguls or badly-behaved sex-tape-making trust fund brats either. You can choose from Japanese style with tatami mats and futons on the floor, or Western style with flooring and beds. Larger rooms have loft beds. Rooms are equipped with mini fridges, TVs, and LAN cables. Wifi is floating through the air for anyone to access and there are a couple of computers for use in the lobby, too.Kangaroo Hotel

The nearest station is Minamisenju, an 11-minute walk. This is a quiet neighborhood, but there are plenty of the usual convenience stores around. It’s only about 5 minutes on the train from Ueno or Asakusa.