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Minami-senju is a densely packed residential neighborhood in Arakawa Ward just across the Sumida River from Kita-Senju.

Although the area is a bit bland, with lots of wide roads and tall apartment blocks, it does have excellent shopping, with lots of large format big-box stores including a home center mainly located around Lala Terrace to the northeast of the station.

LaLa Terrace shopping center
LaLa Terrace shopping center | Photo by Gregory Lane

In the Edo period, Minami-Senju was the northern gateway to the capital, so like the southern gateway near Shinagawa, it was the site of a major execution grounds—the Kozukappara Execution Grounds. Today the only thing that remains is a memorial, just to the south of the station.

The banks of the Sumida River in nearby Shioiri Park are a great place to enjoy the annual Sumida River Fireworks Festival which takes place further down the river near Asakusa.

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