Shioiri Park

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Name in Japanese: 汐入公園
Area: Minami-Senju
Address: 8-13-1 MInami-senju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo [map]
Access: 0.8 km from Keisei Sekiya Station Keisei Main Line (KS6)
0.9 km from Ushida Station Tobu Skytree Line (TS8)
1.0 km from Minami-senju Station Hibiya Line (H20)Jōban Line (JJ7)
Admission: Free

Shiori Park is a large park on the banks of the Sumida River in Arakawa Ward.

Although approximately 1.5km upstream from the launching area for the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival, the park affords a good view of the fireworks.

The park has parking for up to 114 cars.