With an entrance right next to the terminus Minowabashi Station on the Arakawa Line, Joyful Minowa Shotengai is a traditional covered shopping arcade with a wide variety of discount food and shopping options.

Gyomu Super Minowa Branch
Gyomu Super Minowa Branch | Photo by Gregory Lane

Shops in the arcade include super cheap supermarket Gyomu Super, and 100yen Shop Can-do.

100yen Can Do Joyful MInowa
100yen Can Do Joyful MInowa branch | Photo by Gregory Lane

There are also a large number of small, locally owned businesses in the arcade including a sword shop, a hanko shop and small izakaya.

The interior of Joyful Minowa
This was on January 3rd, when most stores were shut. | Photo by Gregory Lane

There aren’t many chain stores so after hours and on holidays, the arcade is very quiet! Also, despite the name, the entire arcade is actually located in Minami-Senju.

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