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Luana Shibuya
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Luana Shibuya is a modern hotel with spacious apartment-style rooms in the Hatagaya district of Shibuya, Tokyo.

What’s the hotel like?

The hotel feels modern and stylish, with concrete architecture throughout the building and a self-check in system at the front entrance. The apartment-style rooms are well-equipped with air conditioning, kitchenette, heated bath, and washing machine.

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What facilities does the hotel have?

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There are electric scooter rentals at the front of the hotel for a fun and efficient way to explore the neighbourhood. The hotel has a lack of additional facilities, but a bonus is having your own personal washing machine inside your hotel room.

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Is there anywhere to hang out in the hotel?

There are no common spaces to lounge in the hotel, however, the room had a small table and chairs to sit and relax, and the neighbourhood has numerous coffee shops in which to hang out.

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What are the rooms like?

Room layouts are slightly larger than typical Tokyo hotel rooms with a spacious bedroom, seating area, kitchen, bathroom, and separate toilet.

Are the rooms comfortable?

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The bedrooms are a spacious, quiet and comfortable space in which to relax. Our room had a small seating area with table and chairs, queen-sized bed with two pillows, large flatscreen TV, and wall pegs to hang and organise our coats. The windows are large and allow plenty of light in during the day. The air conditioning can be heard slightly but is not too noisy. There is one power outlet in the bedroom that is distant from the bed, which may be inconvenient if you need to reach your phone at night while it’s charging.

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The kitchenette is fully-stocked with dishes, cutlery, cups, a kettle, pans for cooking, and cleaning supplies. Besides the typical hotel room mini-fridge and microwave, the kitchen has two electric stove tops if you prefer to do your own cooking during your stay.

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A modern feature of the hotel is the heated bath, controlled by a wall-mounted tablet in the hallway. The tablet only has Japanese instructions, so be sure to have a translation app with you to help adjust the controls.

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As with most newer hotels in Tokyo, there is also a step-free shower — so you don’t have to clamber in and out. The hotel provides pyjamas and slippers to lounge in, a hair dryer, toiletries, and a washing machine in the bathroom to conveniently clean your clothes.

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Both the front entrance and hotel room door have keypad door locks with different codes. You will have to have pictures of the codes on your phone (or have excellent photo memory) or risk being unable to enter. Another important note is the difficulty we had opening our hotel room door: the door opens to an unsealed hallway which creates strong air pressure against the outside of the door. After a short scare of thinking we were trapped in our hotel room, we learned we had put our entire body weight against the door while we forced it to open. This happened each time we left, and we were not expecting it to be so challenging to leave our hotel room!

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What’s the view like?

The hotel has four floors, so the view ranges from street-view to slightly higher than the neighbouring buildings. Since the hotel is in a residential neighbourhood, you can expect to see apartments and houses when peering out the window.

What’s the location like?

Even though the hotel is called Luana Shibuya, it’s much more in the orbit of Shinjuku Station. Hatagaya is only a 4-minute train ride from Shinjuku Station, which makes it a nice option for accommodation in a less lively neighbourhood but quick access to the busy entertainment district.

How do I get there from the airports?

The hotel is about 8 minutes walk from Hatagaya Station, which is served by the Keio New Line. Shinjuku Station is a 4 minutes train ride away, and from here you can get to virtually anywhere in Tokyo with ease.

How is the access to trains and subway?

From Haneda Airport, the cheapest route is to take the Keikyu Airport Line to Shinjuku Station, then change to the Keio New Line to Hatagaya Station. A faster but more expensive option (at double the cost) is to take the Haneda-Airport Limousine Bus to Shinjuku Station, then switch to the Keio New Line.

From Narita Airport, the easiest and least expensive way to get to the hotel is via the Skyliner 78 to Nippori Station, then switch to the Yamanote Line to Shinjuku Station where you can take the Keio New Line to Hatagaya Station.

What’s the surrounding neighborhood like?

The street right outside the hotel is quiet with the odd pedestrian, so you can expect to get a good night’s sleep.

Are there many good places to eat nearby?

A 30-second walk from the hotel will take you to a shotengai shopping street full of cafes, restaurants, clothing shops, and groceries to pick up any ingredients you need to cook using the kitchenette.

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What points of interest are within walking distance of the hotel?

You won’t find too many attractions in this residential neighbourhood, however there are a few parks nearby including Shibuya Kuritsu Honcho Park, Yayoi Park, and Nanago Dōri Park which features the fully voice-controlled ‘Hi’ toilet that we recommend testing out. See our article for more on Shibuya’s amazing public toilets.

Who should stay here?

Luana Shibuya is a great option if you want a modern and stylish apartment-style hotel with plenty of space to rest, relax and even cook your own meals. The surrounding neighbourhood is peaceful and charming, with easy access to the busy entertainment hubs of Shinjuku and Shibuya if you feel like having a little more excitement.

How Eco friendly is Luana Shibuya?

We don’t have any data on the building’s efficiency, but the kitchenette is a great opportunity to cook using local ingredients from the neighbourhood groceries.

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