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Mustard Hotel Shibuya
1 Chome-29-3 Higashi, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0011
From ¥9,000 /night

What’s the hotel like?

Sister to the popular Mustard Hotel Shimokitazawa, Mustard Hotel Shibuya has much more central location being only a few minutes walk from Shibuya. The rooms are very minimal but stylish, and with some cheaper shared bathroom rooms, the hotel is perfect for younger visitors to Tokyo.

What facilities does the hotel have?

There’s almost no facilities at Mustard Hotel, there’s a tiny lobby connected to cafe/restuarant on the ground floor. There’s also a shared space for guests on the top floor. The top floor space has a basic kitchenette, vending machine, large TV screen, some tables and chairs plus an outdoor deck area.

Mustard Hotel Room
The vinyl floor – a bit like staying in your own private and stylish lab room | Photo by Chris Kirkland

What are the rooms like?

As with the Mustard hotel brand, the rooms are minimially furnished, with fairly large windows, white walls and wood furniture all simple but with a nice aesthetic. There’s a small wooden table and stool – just enough for working on a laptop. There’s little other furnitre, only a cabinet with a fridge and a clothes rail. There’s no other seating, no TV or entertainment and the luggage space is just the floor under the (somewhat raised) bed.

The air conditioner is a fairly standard model that you’d likely find in many apartments in Tokyo. The windows were double glazed and can be opened.

How big are the rooms?

The small rooms range from a small bedroom only with a shared bathroom facility, to a 16 square meter double room with a compact shower and bathroom. The larger options include a 25 square meter deluxe room, with TV and sofa, plus a larger “family” room that can accomodate up to 7 people.

Are the rooms comfortable?

The beds are reasonably comfortable to sleep on, there’s plenty of space for luggage and some coat hangers for clothing. However depending on your comfort preferences, you might find the lack of carpet might be a bit of a change from how most hotels in Tokyo are furnished.

mustard hotel shibuya hallway
The hallway really completes the cool laboratory vibes | Photo by Chris Kirkland

What’s the view like?

The hotel isn’t much higher than it’s surrounds so there’s no impressive view, but there’s a good deal of space on either side of the building which means most rooms should have plenty of light.

What’s the location like?

It’s fairly quiet area sandwiched between the Yamanote train tracks and the Meijidori road. The Hotel is built on are that used to be the Tokyu Toyoko Line train tracks, hence the hotel’s interesting curvature. Even with the central location, the area is reasonably quiet at night.

Being a few minutes walk from Shibuya (and Daikanyama) makes this an excellent spot to stay – bascially you have everything within a ten to fifteen minute walk.

View of Train Tracks In Shibuya from bridge to the south
Nice instagram spot on this rusty retro bridge over the train tracks looking towards Shibuya station | Photo by Chris Kirkland

How do I get there from the airports?

If you’re coming from Narita, then follow our guide:
Getting From Narita Airport to Shibuya and taxi or walk the last few hundred meters (if you’re arriving on the JR line, take the New South Exit). From Haneda a taxi is fairly cheap but use the train if you’re trying to keep costs as low as posssible.

How is the access to trains and subway?

You’re well connected being a short walk from Shibuya – you can quickly get to most spots the city with the Yamanote line, Ginza line and Hanzomon line.

Are there many good places to eat nearby?

There’s numerous eateries in Shibuya, but there’s plenty of quieter spots within a shorter distance of the Hotel. The ground floor has a restaurant serving burgers and western style eats. There’s wide variery of eateries (and a starbucks) at Shibuya Stream, if you want something easy and more tourist friendly having just arrived after a long flight.

Who should stay here?

This is a younger person’s hotel – it’s a fairly stylish no-frills hotel, excellently positioned for all the fun and nightlife of the Shibuya area.

Mustard Hotel Ground Floor Diner
The cafe/diner on the ground floor is an easy option for eats.
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