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nine hours Narita Airport Hotel
Narita Airport
Narita International Airport Terminal 2,1-1 Furugome, Narita-shi, Japan 282-0004

This joint is open 24 hours a day and provides a range of accommodation options. You can roll in for a quick shower, take a nap in between flights, or stay a bit longer (in the region of nine hours, in case you didn’t pick that up).


A shower will set you back around 1 000 yen, a nap 1 500, and a stay 5 000 yen or so. It’s basically a room full of closets – the capsule hotel experience you always dreamed about (we may not understand you, but we won’t judge you). Men and women are separated.

59956776It’s small but modern and clean. There is wifi in public areas and there are lockers for you to stash your bags in. The showers are decent.

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