Meet Ema and Eri, two Harajuku models and tourism ambassadors for Harajuku’s Moshi Moshi Box information center. Read on to find out their top spots for bargain shopping while staying fashionable.

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Briefly describe your typical day.

 Eri: Two essentials! In the mornings I eat anything except bread, and in the evenings I do my daily stretches.

Ema: I like to walk around and check out cafes! And in the evening I enjoy cooking.

How did your modelling careers begin?

Ema: Yusuke Nakagawa, the president of our agency ASOBISYSTEM, scouted us while we were still living in Osaka.

Define “Harajuku fashion”.

Eri: More than anything, brightly colored fashion and vintage clothing.

Ema: Harajuku fashion is all about bringing out your uniqueness.

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 Describe your personal styles.

Eri: I’m enjoying fashion from both the retro and 1960’s eras right now.

Ema: Recently I’m into simple fashion!

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What has been your favorite fashion project/photo shoot?

Ema: My favorite days to work are on sunny, clear mornings and afternoons!

Eri: I guess that has to the SPINNS shoots we’ve done, because we get to meet and hang out with a lot of other people who are the same age as us!

What’s the best part about being a model?

Eri: I think it has to be the fact that there are always a lot of people supporting us and our careers!

Ema: The best thing is definitely being able to wear all the kawaii clothes!

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Where do you like to shop? (Bonus if they’re cheapo friendly places!)

Ema: I regularly shop at a vintage clothes store in Harajuku called “Rainbow”.

Eri: There’s a store in Harajuku called “Hug” that sells great vintage clothing that I go to pretty regularly.

What are your tips for bargain-hunting in Harajuku?

Eri: I guess the easiest way to think about it is that Harajuku is the best place to go for second-hand—or vintage—clothing. A lot of these stores can be generally cheaper than when buying clothes new!

Ema: There’s a store in Harajuku called “Chicago” that’s full of cheap and super kawaii items!


Where can we find out more about you (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)?

Eri Tanioku / 谷奥えり

Twitter: Instagram:

Ema Tanioku / 谷奥えま 

Twitter: Instagram:


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