Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2020

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The most famous Halloween parade in all of Japan is the Kawasaki Halloween Parade. The 23rd edition of the parade will begin at 2:30 pm and run until 4 pm on the last Sunday of October. Participants in fun and creative costumes will parade along the 1.5 km course in the vicinity of JR Kawasaki Station and the nearby La Citadella shopping center. Around 120,000 spectators are expected.

Photo by Kawasaki Halloween

Participating in the parade + ticket info

Watching the parade is free, although you can get a ticket for prime spectator seating for ¥3,000.

Photo by Kawasaki Halloween

If you want to take part in the parade yourself, there is a cost of ¥1,000 per person. To join, you must be at least high-school age or above, and wear a costume. You can buy tickets online. Organizers are accepting a maximum of 2,000 participants to the main parade—so get your tickets before they run out.

Following the parade, there will be an award ceremony (with a ¥500,000 grand prize for best costume!), and an afterparty DJ cruise that goes from 6 pm to 8 pm (¥6,000, drinks and snacks included). You must be 20 or older to join the cruise.

Photo by Kawasaki Halloween

In case you have any questions, contact the venue at: halloween@citta-ent.co.jp (but note that you cannot purchase tickets directly from the venue).

Other events

The kids’ “runway” event takes place the day before (Oct 26) at 11 am, 12:15 pm, 1:30 pm, 2:45 pm and 4 pm. Entry is ¥500/group (child + max. 2 guardians).

Photo by Kawasaki Halloween

Movie screenings (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Hellraiser, and others) will also take place on October 26th. Advance tickets are ¥1,500 and on-the-day tickets are ¥2,000

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Venue: La Cittadella
Entry: Free
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High: 22 ℃Low: 16 ℃
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Closest station(s): Kawasaki
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Area: Kawasaki
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