Narita Fireworks Festival

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Tucked away into one of the quieter corners of Chiba, the Inbanuma area is known for its old Buddhist temples and traditions that span back several centuries. During autumn, the town shines its brightest as streamers and balls of fireworks are shot into the cool night air. If you’re after a prime paid seat to enjoy the unique and award-winning firework designs, you can book tickets from August 1. Otherwise, get there as early as possible to scoop a good spot in the free areas.

Venue: New Town Sports Square
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 22 ℃Low: 15 ℃
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Access: 2.9 km from Kōzunomori Station Keisei Main Line (KS39)
3.1 km from Sōgosandō Station Keisei Main Line (KS38)
Link in Japanese
Area: Narita
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  1. Great photo and a great place to be!

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